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Current Events


Sunday Worship
8:00 A
M Worship Service - Suspended
9:00 AM Fellowship - Suspended
9:30 AM Education Hour - Suspended
10:45 AM Worship Service - Suspended

Saturday Service
6:00 PM Liberian Bible Study - Suspended

(TBD = To Be Determined)

Palm Sunday, April 5
8:00 AM Worship Service - Suspended
10:45 AM Worship Service - Suspended

Maundy Thursday, April 9
6:30 PM Worship Service - Suspended

Good Friday, April 10
6:30 PM Worship Service - Suspended
Holy Saturday, April 11
Prayer Service 5:00 PM - Suspended
Prayer Vigil 7:00 - 11:30 PM - Suspended

Easter Sunday, April 12
6:30 AM Sunrise Service - TBD
9:30 AM Worship Service - TBD

 (See Calendar for Schedule)


Welcome to the Grace Lutheran Church Fellowship Page!

We, the members of the GLC Fellowship Team are excited to serve our Lord by committing to providing our congregation with opportunities to come together outside of the worship service.

Our team is most known for Serving Coffee and Treats during the Fellowship Hour Sunday mornings, however, we are MORE than “Coffee Servers” – we are a fun group that understands that God wants us to get together not just in times of worship, but in other times as well.

Our “official” duties include: Sunday Fellowship, Assist with Funeral Setup, Church Calendar Scheduling for the Facilities and Equipment Usage. If you would like to be on our “Helper” list and not want to be committed to being on the board, let us know! We always need help with different events are welcome friendly faces!  

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