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Sunday Worship
-- 8:00 AM Worship Service on  YouTube

-- 9:00 AM Worship Service in Person

 Wednesday Worship
-- 6:30 PM Worship Service in Person

Saturday Service
-- 6:00 PM Liberian Bible Study - Suspended

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Wednesday Worship
-- 6:30 PM Worship Service

Grace Cross
Update 11 (August 15 - 21)
The refreshed Chancel furniture is coming along nicely and the beautiful craftsmanship stands out as the new wood on the old furniture blends nicely with the newly constructed baptismal font.  The Narthex ceiling is prepared for updated tile that will match the open and inviting back hallway.  The organ has been moved to the new Tech Booth platform and the staining has been completed on the wooden beams.  Even the support columns got their own decorative covering that provides a clean appearance from floor to ceiling.  Many of the lights have been put up and soon, the rest of the ceiling tiles will be put in place.  The installation of the new - wood framed glass doors - shows that this project is progressing along and close to being completed. 
 We have such an awesome God and we are truly blessed... Grace IS Looking Up!
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