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 Wednesday Worship
-- 6:30 PM Worship Service in Person

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-- 6:00 PM Liberian Bible Study - Suspended

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Wednesday Worship
-- 6:30 PM Worship Service

Grace Cross
Update 13 (August 29 - September 4)
So far, thirteen weeks have passed on the sanctuary remodel effort and it is appropriate this week to pause and reflect on one of the most important pieces of our church; the cross.  It is hard not to be awestruck in all of its beauty! Although newly refreshed, the cross reminds us of our past and against the new stone wall, brings excitement about our future.
But continually we are reminded that it is by God's grace we have been blessed with this new sanctuary and everything that we are doing can only be done through Him.
As the sanctuary remodel nears completion, our Grace family still has some work ahead of us in the years to come.  We must find JOY in the future that God has prepared for us, not worry.  We must have HOPE that He will provide as He always has, and have FAITH that with God, through God... ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! 
 We will always find comfort ... when we Look Up..
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