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YouTube (see Worship Service Videos)

-- Church is open for worship.

Sunday Worship
-- 8:00 AM Worship Service on  YouTube

-- 9:00 AM Worship Service in Person

 Wednesday Worship
-- 6:30 PM Worship Service in Person

Saturday Service
-- 6:00 PM Liberian Bible Study - Suspended

 (See Calendar for Schedule)

Wednesday Worship
-- 6:30 PM Worship Service

Update 3 (June 20 - June 26)
Construction from DKN began right away and as soon as materials showed up, the sanctuary remodel began to take shape.  Most of the higher cinder block walls and brick facade was covered by foam in preparation for new walls.  The echo we had been so used to all these decades was diminished greatly!  The new hallway was framed, as well as the new wall behind the AV booth area.  The most exciting thing this week was the extremely old, heavy and aging air handler was removed and given a proper send off - cut up into scrap and hauled away!  It is a truly amazing time at Grace.
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