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 Wednesday Worship
-- 6:30 PM Worship Service in Person

Saturday Service
-- 6:00 PM Liberian Bible Study - Suspended

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Wednesday Worship
-- 6:30 PM Worship Service

Grace Cross
Update 6 (July 11 - July 17)
The 'refresh and renewal' fever is running wild right now and NO room is safe from getting a refreshed look, so the GYL room (the new Grace Family Room / Library) received a much needed new coat of paint!  Construction in the sanctuary continued at a steady pace and the contractor commented they are about half way done.  The AV team will now have PLENTY of options to run cable into the Narthex and the duct work continues to be installed.  The cement is poured and the mounting brackets are now installed in preparation for the new doorway.  Finally, there are no words that can express the excitement in seeing the cinder block walls get covered ... the insulation was awesome... but the sheet-rock just looks so beautiful and no longer does it look like a gymnasium.  We are so blessed, God is great ALL the time!!
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