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Grace Cross
Update 7 (July 18 - July 24)
It is always exciting to see ideas come to life and this week - one of the biggest (and tallest) new additions to the sanctuary became a reality.  The real... stone... wall was put in place and the old cross is going to look beautiful against this much lighter background. 

On the opposite end of the sanctuary there was just as much excitement, as the center beam was removed and the new door frame has been put in place.  Just imagine how open and inviting this new entrance is going to be to our family, friends and visitors!  Another cinder block wall feel victim to that wonderful creation called drywall. 

Now that the back hallway is twice as wide, the hidden back bathrooms can now been seen - so the ceilings should be updated as well.  This small update to the ceiling re-uses many of the tiles that are being replaced with new tiles in the hallway and Narthex. 

With big remodel projects like this even the small things can be exciting... like the concrete slab that was put outside where the new door will be installed that goes out to a future patio / outdoor worship area.  It's amazing to think - this remodel is half-way complete.
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