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Sunday Worship
-- 8:00 AM Worship Service on  YouTube

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 Wednesday Worship
-- 6:30 PM Worship Service in Person

Saturday Service
-- 6:00 PM Liberian Bible Study - Suspended

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Wednesday Worship
-- 6:30 PM Worship Service

Grace Cross
Update 9 (August 1 - 7)
The glass was installed on the wall into the sanctuary - wow! 

A first look at the very large new doors into the sanctuary that will complement the beautiful welcoming and inviting entrance. 

The door to the new outdoor patio space was installed and will certainly open up and brighten up the narthex. 

The 'fleet' of scissor lifts look at home all neatly lined up, plugged in and charging.  Sheetrock, drywall, gypsum board, wallboard... whatever you want to call it - has never looked so beautiful. 

The chancel ceiling frame was installed and the stone wall was finished. 

There are no words to express the look and awesomeness of the new chancel wall... 
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